News 2023 IUGS CGGB conferences

2023 IUGS CGGB conferences

As the World is still suffering from the Covid-19 pandemic only a few conferences will be posted on this web-page.

All members of the IUGS Commission will be informed by E-mail about pending conferences during 2022.

Information about a few conferences will be posted on the conferences web-page.


2023:  38th International Conference on Geochemistry and Health (SEGH2023)

The Society of Environmental Geochemistry and Health is organising its 38th International Conference on Geochemistry and Health in Athens, the capital of the Hellenic Republic, between the 2nd and 6th of July 2023 (


The deadline for abstract submission is the 20th of March 2023 (


The IUGS Commission on Global Geochemical Baselines is organising and sponsoring a two-day preconference workshop on Saturday and Sunday, 1st and 2nd of July 2023.  The theme of the workshop is "Applied geochemical methods described in the International Union of Geological Sciences Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network" (  The first day (Saturday, 1st July 2023) will be devoted to classroom lectures, and the second day (Sunday, 2nd July 2023) to the demonstration in the field the methods of sampling stream water, active stream sediment, residual soil, overbank and floodplain sediment, and rock.


The course level will be for geoscience graduate students, early career researchers and professional applied geochemists, who wish to broaden their knowledge of well-tested geochemical methods and techniques.



2024:  4th Arthur Darnley Symposium

The IUGS Commission on ‘Global Geochemical Baselines’ will be organising the 4th Arthur Darnley Symposium with the title ‘Challenges and Opportunities of Global-Scale Geochemical Mapping’ at the 37th International Geological Congress, which will be held in Busan (Korea) between the 25th and 31st of August 2024 [].  Further, a two-day workshop is planned.  More details will be posted when available.