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Contact: Patrice de Caritat,


The Geochemical Atlas of Australia was completed in 2011 and provides data on 68 mineral elements in sediment samples which were gathered from 1315 sites in 1186 catchment basins across Australia as part of Geoscience Australia's National Geochemical Survey of Australia project.



At each site two depth intervals were sampled and two grain size fractions were separated from the samples.  The shallower sample was from up to 10 cm below the surface (Top Outlet Sediment, TOS) and the deeper sample was from 60 to 80 cm below the surface on average (Bottom Outlet Sediment, BOS).  For each depth, the coarse (<2 mm) and fine (<75 µm) fractions were used for chemical assays.  The samples were prepared and analysed for up to 68 chemical elements using a range of techniques which yielded Total, Aqua Regia soluble and Mobile Metal Ion™ soluble concentrations.  Additionally, a bulk split was used for the determination of bulk soil properties.



The Geochemical Atlas of Australia are available for downloading from the website of Geoscience Australia




Caritat, P. de, Cooper, M., 2011. National Geochemical Survey of Australia: The Geochemical Atlas of Australia. Geoscience Australia Record 2011/20, 557 pp. (2 Volumes);