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To obtain a visual appreciation of the analytical laboratory’s precision simple X-Y plots of duplicate-replicate pair results for each determinand or measurand should be plotted.  Plotting X-Y plots of a multi-determinand data set is cumbersome. To facilitate the process Christopher C. Johnson (formerly British Geological Survey and now GeoElementary, Derby, United Kingdom) has written the DUPREPLOT program in Microsoft Excel and by using its macro facility reformats the duplicate and replicate analytical results into columns more, which are more appropriate to plotting X-Y plots, and the program plots duplicate–replicate graphs for some 50 elements simultaneously. Charts of interest can be subsequently extracted and formatted in a suitable manner for publication.


The following three Microsoft Excel files are made available in Chapter 7 Supplementary material: 

  • IUGS-CGGB_Chapter-7_DUPREPPLOT.xlsm
  • IUGS-CGGB_Chapter-7_DUPREPPLOT_Output.xlsm
  • IUGS-CGGB_Chapter-7_DUPREPPLOT_ExcelMacroEMPTY.xlsm


It is recommended when using DUPREPLOT reference should be made in the following way:


Johnson, C.C., 2022. DUPREPPLOT Excel Macro routine for plotting multiple X-Y plots of quality control data. In: Demetriades, A, Johnson, C.C. & Argyraki, A., Quality Control Procedures. Chapter 7 In: Demetriades, A., Johnson, C.C., Smith, D.B.,  Ladenberger, A., Sanjuan, P.A., Argyraki, A., Stouraiti, C., Caritat, P. de, Prieto Rincón, G. & Simubali, G.N. (Editors), International Union of Geological Sciences Manual of  Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network. IUGS Commission on Global Geochemical Baselines, Athens, Hellenic Republic, Special Publication, 2, 387−428.