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The objective is to assist all Commission members to make good presentations in order to promote effectively the philosophy behind the Global Geochemical Baselines project. This objective can be realised by having as much data and information as possible from the national and international efforts.


Do please note to write on the last slide the conference/symposium where the presentation was first made. PowerPoint presentations are available for downloading in *.pdf format in the different sections of the Website.  The original presentations and posters, due to their size, may be obtained from the Public Relations Chair, Ariadne Argyraki [E-mail:].




IUGS Celebrating Women in Geoscience video, 8th March 2022:

        Anna Ladenberger's interview (1st Co-chair of IUGS-CGGB)


IUGS World Water Day Video, 22nd March 2022:

       - Global Geochemical Baselines by Alecos Demetriades (Chairperson of Sampling Committee of IUGS-CGGB &

                                                                                                      Steering Committee member)


NOTE:  The original PowerPoint presentation is available from the following pCloud hyperlink:



IUGS Webinar - 10th October 2022 - On the occasion of the 60th Anniversary of IUGS 


                   A Planetary Health Check - Global Geochemical Baselines


              Assessing the geochemistry of life's most vital Earth resources


       Introduction and Moderators: John Ludden (IUGS President 2020-24) and Anna Ladenberger (IUGS-CGGB 1st Co-chair)


                   - Keynote: Overview of impacts of water quality on human health: Cases studies from Africa based

                                       on a medical geology approach by Prof. Hassina Mouri


                        - Keynote:  Metal mining impacts on river systems: a first global assessment using

                                      floodplain sediments by Prof. Mark G. Macklin


          Moderator:  Gloria Namwi Simubali (IUGS-CGGB 2nd Deputy-chair)


                    - Early career researcher's view of Global Geochemical Baselines and the Manual by Artemis Kontomichalou -

                                                                                                                                                 A University of Athens Ph.D. student


                    - Introducing the need: The role of Global Geochemical Baselines in the 21st century by Anna Ladenberger

                                                                                                                                                             (IUGS-CGGB 1st Co-chair)


                    - The history of Global Geochemical Baselines by David B. Smith (United States Geological Survey)


                    - Standardisation of sampling and analytical methods for the development of a harmonised

                      global geochemical database by Alecos Demetriades (Hellenic Institute of Geology and Mineral Exploration)


                    - Development of reference materials by Kate V. Knights (Ireland)


                   - Preparing data for seamless geochemical maps by Christopher C. Johnson (United Kingdom)


                   - The role of geochemistry in forensics by Patrice de Caritat (GeoScience Australia)


NOTE:  All the original PowerPoint presentations are available from the following pCloud hyperlink:





            2016:  Simposio Servicio Geológico Colombiano:

100 años de producción científica al servicio de los colombiano

                                         Bogotá, Colombia

                                                      27th June to 1st July 2016 


Continental-scale geochemical mapping in Europe by Alecos Demetriades (Treasurer and Chairperson of Sampling Committee of the IUGS/IAGC Task Group on Global Geochemical Baselines)


A national–scale soil geochemical and mineralogical survey of the conterminous United States by David B. Smith (US Geological Survey, 1st Co-Chair of Steering Committee of  the IUGS/IAGC Task Group on Global Geochemical Baselines)


NOTE:  The original PowerPoint presentations are available from the following pCloud hyperlink: