Welcome to the Home Page of the IUGS/IAGC Task Group on “Global Geochemical Baselines”

The Task Group on ‘Global Geochemical Baselines’ operates under the auspices of both the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS) and the International Association of Geochemistry (IAGC). The mission of the Task Group is to prepare a global geochemical database, and its representation in map form, to document the concentration and distribution of chemical elements and species in the Earth’s near-surface environment. This database is urgently needed by decision makers, scientists, researchers, environmental and resource managers throughout the world, and the general public. To reach this goal, the Task Group promotes and facilitates the implementation of harmonised sampling, sample preparation, quality control, and analytical protocols in geochemical mapping programmes. Task Group activities include the following:

  • Developing partnerships with countries conducting broad-scale geochemical mapping studies;
  • Providing consultation and training in the form of workshops and short courses;
  • Organising periodic international symposia and conferences to foster communication among the geochemical mapping community;
  • Developing criteria for certifying those projects that are acceptable for inclusion in a global database;
  • Acting as a repository for data collected by projects meeting the standards of harmonisation;
  • Preparing complete metadata for the various certified projects; and ultimately
  • Preparing a global geochemical database and atlas.

Further information about the project can be obtained from the Scientific Secretary of the Task Group Mr. Shaun Reeder [E-mail: shaun.reeder@hotmail.co.uk], Steering Committee members (see Organisation), or the national representatives in each country (see Members).

The Task Group organised the second Arthur Darnley Symposium “Global geochemical mapping: understanding chemical Earth” at the 34 International Geological Congress (IGC) in Brisbane Australia on Wednesday, 8 August 2012. For more information see “CONFERENCES”.

  • New Geochemical Atlases published in 2011 and 2012:

    (1) The Geochemical Atlas of Australia (link)
    (2) The Geochemical Atlas of Cyprus (link)
    (3) Geochemical Atlas of Spain (link), and
    (4) Geochemical Atlas of China.
    See also 2011-12 PUBLICATIONS

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