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Sample Quantities

Sample Quantities

  • Sufficient material should be collected to provide, from each cell, 10 litres of humus, if present, and 5 kg of <0.18 mm fraction of sediment and soil samples;

  • A bulk <2 mm grain size residual soil and sediment should be retained separately (2 kg each) for radiometric and furture reference, respectively.


If surface water is present, three separate samples are required, about 300 ml in total:

  • unacidified, unfiltered, for anion determination,

  • unfiltered, acid digested for total cations, and

  • filtered (45 micron), acidified, to provide “dissolved” cations.


Please note that the above recommendations are included in the FOREGS/EuroGeoSurveys Geochemical Mapping Field Manual, which should be consulted [URL: the new comprehensive and well-illustrated "International Union of Geological Sciences Manual of Standard Methods for Establishing the Global Geochemical Reference Network"  is published.