Commission activities include:

  • Developing a manual of standard methods for the global geochemical baselines and regional geochemical projects
  • Developing partnerships with countries conducting broad-scale geochemical mapping studies
  • Providing consultation and training in the form of workshops and short courses to build the capacity for conducting geochemical mapping programmes in countries around the world
  • Organising periodic international symposia and conferences to foster communication among the geochemical mapping community
  • Developing standards for global-scale sampling in different morpho-climatic terrains
  • Developing criteria for certifying those projects that are acceptable for inclusion in a global geochemical database
  • Acting as a repository for data collected by projects meeting the standards of harmonisation
  • Preparing complete metadata for the various certified projects
  • Preparing a global geochemical database and atlas


Results & Database

Details on results of completed work of continental-scale geochemical surveys and progress on the global database building.


Downloadable brief information about different continental-scale projects.
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